VoIP Services: Work from Home

Work from Home with Did (Direct Inward Dialing)

The brick and mortar office is becoming a thing of the past as businesses are finding it just as convenient to accomplish their daily tasks while executives and employees work from home. With VoIP comes the opportunity to utilize DID (direct inward dialing) features that allow you to work from home with unprecedented ease!

Conference Calls – All staff can connect to a single call from anywhere with a simple PIN that secures the line.

Fax to Email & Vice-Versa – While faxing appears to be outdated and less efficient than other general office duties, VoIP allows for the sending of physical documents to the office through the connection of a fax number and e-mail address. With DID, send important and time-sensitive documents from your e-mail, while working from home, to your office fax machine, or vice versa.

SMS (Simple Message Service) – With today’s convenience of cell phone usage and the technology always within reach, VoIP offers the ability to send SMS messages to co-workers and be easily managed.

These features, and more, are available for your convenience and increased productivity. Learn how you can work from home today with your VoIP service from Premises Systems!

VoIP DID Phone Systems

Working from home is more convenient than ever with DID phone systems from Premises Systems. Our unified communication devices are designed to give you the same productivity when working from home as when you are in the office. Our DID phone services are easy to work with and will help you meet the broadband communication standards of today. Scheduling a free quote and demo with one of our specialists is as easy as filling out our online form or calling (248) 363-0900.