VoIP for Business: Streamlining Through Automation

With over 20 of years experience designing, supporting and managing business telecommunication and security solutions, Premises Systems understands the complexity of communication systems and desires to simplify the process for you. Our VoIP systems utilize technology related to number porting and DID registration to bring automation to your business. Let our VoIP systems streamline your business through automation.

Number Porting – If you’re unsatisfied with your DID (Direct Inward Dialing number) quality and wish to change carriers you must take part in a scrupulous process. This process includes completing a letter of authorization, allowing the carrier to make the switch. With many carriers still requiring paper and fax, much is left to chance regarding the potential for errors and possible rejection. This is a lengthy process that isn’t uncommon for taking at least one month. However, there is an option to avoid the physical letter of authorization process by utilizing a back office feature that integrates a digital letter of authorization with the convenience of automated submission and management of your request, eliminating the old and replacing with a streamlined, automated process.

Application Programming Interface (API)– An application programming interface allows users to manage the DID process by selecting the desired numbers from an online store and enabling them active for the desired DID user. This is a real-time process that allows proper, automated configuration of DIDs and DID features.

Reverse Rate Decks – A back office feature will let unsatisfied users deactivate service from a carrier, while automatically recompiling your rate deck to ensure accurately tracked rates. And, if you ever change your mind on the deactivated carrier, you have the ability to instantly reactivate the service, once again automatically recompiling your rate deck.

Alerts – Instant text/email alerts and updates will keep you up-to-date on fraud, billing, and the status of DID requests. Most helpful is the ability to shut down areas subject to fraudulent activity.

Save Your Business Time

By streamlining your business automation thanks to the VoIP technology at Premises Systems, you will save time and regain additional business-operating independence. Let our experts and automation services take over some of the work for you! To begin streamlining your business today, call (248)-363-0900 or fill out our online form for a free quote and demo.