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Why does your company need video conferencing?

lifesize-logo Premises Systems and its sister companies are proud to offer our customers the gold standard when it comes to business video conferencing software; that’s Lifesize®. LifeSize® video conferencing equipment provides a simple, low-cost and high quality solution for your business communication needs. Here are 8 efficient ways that Video Conferencing can help your business.

  • Accelerate Business Connectivity: LifeSize® video conferencing equipment and software allows productivity within your organization and amongst the parties you wish to have involved. The conferencing can accelerate business connections anywhere and anytime. Throughout the past 50 years, Internet, fax and cell phones have allowed us to communication between parties. Video conferencing has added another component to allow us to do this, no matter the distance.
  • Be Ahead of the Competition: Each and every industry has a competitor waiting to take away their customers and be ahead of the competition in their market. Let LifeSize allow you to communicate with your customers in real-time, instead of waiting for the opportunity to talk to them. If you have to wait for a merger or acquisition, wouldn’t you prefer a face-to-face conversation via the web? Don’t you think your competitor is waiting at their door step as well? Be the one to get their first! Try Video Conferencing now!
  • Balancing Work Life/Home Life: There is never enough time in a day, is there? Your employer, business partners and suppliers expect you to be available 24/7/365 but it’s quite impossible. You have multiple customers to visit, the commutes to and from prospective customers, traveling for work in and out of state and trying to make time for your family is the issue most working individuals run into. Why not host meetings in the comfort of your own conference room? This will allow you more time for meeting preparations and more time face-to-face with whom you need to speak with. You can handle your business at work, then go home and get ready for tee ball practice with your family or even a nice meal at home. Everyone wins!
  • Use ONLY What You Need, WHEN You Need It: LifeSize® video conferencing equipment and software is based on a subscription mode, long-term capital or commitment is the least of your worries. So use as much or as little conferencing as you need. Back in the day most companies were required to purchase “X” amount of technology boxes to deploy video conferencing equipment throughout their organizations. With LifeSize®, this is no longer needed. LifeSize® offers the relief of having to commit. The financial step previously required to move from low-quality free video conferencing or web conferencing services to HD business video calls has dramatically reduced. The update in software allows you can now start as small or as large as you need with the ability to increase and decrease the need for video conferencing without breaking your companies’ piggy bank.
  • Decrease Travel Cost/Increase Time with Customers: Airplane Tickets, Car Rentals, and Food Vouchers galore! I can go on and on as to how much traveling may cost for one individual whether you are traveling in or out of the U.S. Not only does traveling cause wear and tear on your bank account but it physically takes a toll on your mind and body. This does not leave you with enough time or energy to take care of your customers. Video conferencing allows you to power up your equipment at your own leisure and make an important conference occur at anytime, anywhere during the day. It doesn’t cost much to hit a power button, but a plane ticket can cost you an arm and a leg. The long-term trend of air travel provides more efficient transportation to ever larger numbers of people. But that doesn’t help businesses save time. Businesses need to think differently, and video conferencing is part of this revolution.
  • Business Continuity: High definition video conferencing provides another form of communication among individuals. Can you remember a time when you had to make an important decision at a time of crisis but you couldn’t get to the person or place in time? Imagine having the HD video conferencing capability to speak with the appropriate parties in a time of crisis. Video conferencing can keep you in the loop and help ensure that your business stays up and running – anywhere, anyplace, anytime, even if weather, fire or nature disaster occur.
  • Mobility: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a popular mobility trend occurring among within most work places. Now the employees that are not able to make it to the office every day or have the option to work from home can be kept in the communication loop. You can simple take your mobile device and connect via video conferencing the same exact way as if you were sitting in your office conference room. This can occur from the comfort of your own home using your own mobile device. Same functionality and just as easy and cost-effective.
  • Supply Chain: Do you remember the last time when customers and suppliers were all in the same city or even time zone? Well nowadays it is more than likely that the customers and suppliers are dispersed all over the U.S. or the world. Keeping communication is harder than ever, or is it? High definition video conferencing bridges the gap between the customers and suppliers by giving the ability to connect as if you were there, more proficiently, successfully and affordably than ever before.

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In today’s business environment, communication is key. Building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers is key. LifeSize® high-quality Video Conferencing equipment has the appropriate tools to build these long lasting relationships. If you would like a free demo of this equipment and software, please contact your local sales person by filling out our online form, or calling (248) 363-0900.