VoIP Services: Number Porting

At Premises Systems, our team installs and maintains multi-site VoIP systems for businesses and organizations. We strive to streamline our client’s business’ communications systems through providing telecommunications solutions, including telephone number porting. If your business requires phone number porting services, our following web tools can be used to meet your expectations.

  1. Provisioning Check – A provisioning check determines if your carrier can port the number to their network. You will also be able to see if some, or all, of the following features are available for a particular number – T38, E911 (enhanced 911), Outbound CNAM (caller ID name), 411 directory listing, or SMS.
  2. Online LOA Submission – With many carriers porting numbers with their own unique methodology it is important that the process of submitting number port requests is automated, eliminating issues with legibility on the number port request forms. Many providers still manually submit these forms with handwriting, which results in more errors and slower production.
  3. Online Process Management – Automation of managing the port number request once it is submitted to the “black hole” is important in maintaining transparency and avoiding mistakes, while increasing efficiency. Typically, the process involves a few emails and phone calls – this tool will manage the process of approval.
  4. Dedicated Number Porting Person – Assigns a number port transfer to a number porting representative, rather being a part of the porting process. This is an ideal setup for small port requests in an effort to increase efficiency.
  5. Project Porting Team – When dealing with large number ports with complexity, it is critical to have an adaptable number porting system with the ability to deal with multiple losing carries and a variety of DID feature requests.

The Number Porting Service Providers

Here at Premises Systems, our VoIP services experts offer unparalleled number porting services. We are able to handle your porting needs every step of the way so that you are able to stay on top of daily operations within your business. If you’re ready to begin the number porting process, feel free to call (248) 363-0900 or fill out our online form for a free quote and VoIP demo.