VoIP Security Concerns

At Premises Systems, we assist in the engineering and maintaining of your business’ VoIP system. Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction, and ensuring that you have all of the information needed for the management of your VoIP system. There are a number of security concerns that are vital to remember upon the installation of your business’ VoIP phone system.

Monitoring Call Usage

VoIP helps cut the cost of telecommunications, which makes it easier to make personal calls, even at work. While some business’ are okay with this practice, how often are the calls monitored? This could become an issue for companies that handle sensitive information, such as credit card or medical records.

Monitoring usage is also a way to prevent hackers from gaining access to your information, if left unnoticed, which could save your business.

Other VoIP Threats & Our Solutions

There are a number of other threats to monitor when managing your VoIP system. Voice phishing is a scam that encourages victims to call a certain number to verify financial information, thanks to an email with such instructions.

Spam is also present on VoIP, potentially clogging voicemail inboxes and preventing you from accessing the important messages.

DoS (denial of service) attacks are also a security threat. DoS occurs when a hacker floods a VoIP server with too many unwanted requests, resulting in the system being temporarily shut down. With the system down, sensitive information is prone to attack.

With all this being said, there are plenty of security options available to allow for enjoyment of VoIP services without having to worry of attacks on your privacy. It is important to monitor these potential threats and maintain updated software that prevents such acts from happening.

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