VOIP – Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Here at Premises Systems, we offer hosted and on-premise business Mitel VoIP solutions. With Mitel VoIP comes the ability to utilize direct inward dialing (DID) for your business. DID features, including fax-to-email and SMS messaging and conference call, allow for your business to increase its efficiency amongst your employees. When it comes to the management of your business’ DID system, there are a few important tips to remember.

What to Expect from a VoIP DID Provider

VoIP DID management can be complex, but there are tools available to ease the process. There are several areas to consider when searching for a carrier, and what you should expect.

  • DID Warehouse Portal — Can your carrier provide instant approval of DID numbers when it comes to real-time ordering?
  • DID Footprint — How many rate centers are available, both domestically and internationally? Coverage is key not only for DIDs, but also features like CNAM and T.38.
  • Transparency — It’s important that your carrier isn’t simply reselling service from another provider, ensuring transparency. Some even have a ranking system to help determine this factor, based on network statistics and client reviews.
  • E911 Service — A proper provider should allow the registration of DIDs that are both on and off-network, regardless of carrier. This is convenient and allows for more simplified management.
  • Reporting — Access to instant reports like DID orders and E911 registrations, as well as statistics related to caller ID and other services, is a convenient feature that goes hand-in-hand with profitability.
  • Support — Is the VoIP DID provider’s support outsourced to a call center or handled in-house? Make sure support hours correlate with times that may include service down time and that include the ability to troubleshoot when you need it.

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