What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the terminology for the delivery of voice communications over Internet Protocol, primarily over the internet. VoIP has also been known as IP telephony, Internet telephone, and broadband phone service. Premises Systems, Inc. uses business ShoreTel IP phones that connect directly to a router and utilize several hardware and software pieces to allow Voice over IP calls to occur. Business telephone systems are the cornerstone of any company, and ShoreTel makes Voice over IP communications brilliantly simple – from phones to delivery platforms to call handling to apps to customer service.

How can you save with VoIP?

Voice over IP allows the Internet connection to place a call, reducing phone charges from your current telephone carrier. This reduces local and long distances charges usually charged by placing a call from a landline. Depending on the carrier chosen, certain long distance or international rates can be charged as local rates from your provider.