VoIP Fraud

When it comes to your business, it is vital that your company’s VoIP phone system is safe and secure. At Premises Systems, we specialize in the engineering and maintaining of your business’ VoIP system so that it stays protected from threats such as VoIP fraud.

What is VoIP Fraud?

VoIP fraud is when someone utilizes another party’s paid communication services without their prior knowledge or consent, leading to unauthorized charges. This is a huge issue for any business that uses VoIP – your business or your client will pay the price. So how does it happen?

  1. Vulnerable VoIP devices are accessed by searching the internet for default username/password combinations that have not been changed since the purchasing of the device.
  2. The fraudster begins using your device to send hundreds of expensive international calls, per minute, to sell the same services as you but at a much lower rate than the industry average.
  3. Fraudsters are difficult to track because they sell to other countries.

How to Prevent VoIP Fraud

There are several steps that can be taken to reduce your risk of being attacked by a VoIP fraudster. Most notably, your username and password are strong, and are changed on a regular basis. Make sure you have proper security set up on your network and a firewall to ensure your VoIP system is only available to specific IP addresses.

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