VoIP Services: Phone System Security

At Premises Systems, we engineer and configure voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems for businesses. Upon installation of your business’ VoIP phone system, several security optimization tasks must be performed to ensure your service is safe.

Call Encryption – A necessary protocol to secure your VoIP calls even when hackers are able to intercept the communication. This is a form of disguise that prevents outsiders from accessing intelligible dialogue and information.

Secure Your Computer – Leaving a computer unprotected allows hackers access to perform their magic on your machine and infect it. If you make VoIP calls on an infected machine, they can access important data, regardless of any encryption. Good security software that is updated will assist in preventing such events, as well as avoiding suspicious links and unsolicited email attachments.

Network Monitoring/Firewall – A firewall acts as a closed door and filters through any data that is sent/received. A firewall can even be installed within your router to stop attacks even earlier. A tool that monitors network activity will provide detailed reports in regards to particular applications in use and alerts for abnormal activity.

Security Authentication – Eavesdropping can be prevented by enabling password authentication for access. In addition, alerts can be set up for notification in relation to when the system is logged into and out of.

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