May 27, 2015: Premises features their video conferencing solution – Lifesize


How does it work?

There are three main types of video conference solutions for businesses: point-to-point, multipoint and streaming.

  • Point-to-point: (sometimes referred to as single call) is a direct connection between two locations. It’s like a telephone call, just with video.
  • Multipoint: lets three or more people or locations participate in the same video conference. Multiple parties can meet through HD video in a meeting room, from a desktop at work, from a home computer, or even over a smartphone or tablet when on the road.
  • Streaming: connects your video conference to others who may choose to view the meeting on a remote computer or mobile device using software instead of hardware. You can even access the video conference at a later time via a web browser.

Why pay for video conferencing?

Free is good. Reliable, lifelike and effortless are better, especially when it comes to getting business done. Think about the loss of productivity when you’re forced to squint at a low quality web video with choppy sound or perhaps you have to sit through background noise and distraction found on typical audio only web conferences.  Now envision the leap in productivity when teleconference participants communicate with superior clarity using Lifesize technology and HD displays in their locations.

The benefits of the lifesize cloud:

  • Save money: Affordable subscriptions; No up-front infrastructure costs & No IT administration
  • Get up and running right away: Deploy instantly; Manage quickly & Use immediately
  • Pay for only what you need: Scale up as needed: Perfect for growing businesses; No IT equipment worries
  • Make IT happen automatically: Automatic software updates & Set it and forget it
  • Discover ultimate ease of use: Technology managed by Lifesize; Ultra simple web settings console;     Immediate intuitive user interface and The Connected Experience is always just one call away
  • Use Anywhere with Any Device – Including Mobile

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