May 27, 2015: Did You Know?

Shoretel provides the hot desking feature on any shoretel phone?

Picture7Hot Desking: This standard ShoreTel application allows users to log into any ShoreTel phone on their network and automatically changes that phone’s settings to match their “home” extension.  All incoming calls now ring to the new location including voicemail notifications and   direct dial numbers.  Great for users that travel and work out of        multiple offices within the organization.


Shoretel provides sa-100 conferencing?

The SA-100 is entirely managed from the ShoreWare Director and runs on a Linux operating system. Its upgrades are accomplished via the network from the Headquarters Server in the same method as the ShoreTel Voice Switches.The SA-100 is a sealed appliance, optimized for resiliency and security, capable of running services. One SA-100 can support 50 audio conferences, 30 Web, and 500 IM. There can be up to a maximum of five SA-100 on a ShoreTel system. The SA-100 cannot be daisy chained to create a conference of greater than 50 audio conferences. Just as the distributed architecture of ShoreTel system, the SA-100 can also be distributed across the network.



Different Types of Conferencing:

Instant Conference – Spontaneous conference that is started in response to an immediate need, rather than scheduled in advance.

Reservation less Conference – A ShoreTel Conference that has no fixed start time or date.

Scheduled Conference – A ShoreTel Conference that is created to occur on a specific date and at a specific time.

ShoreTel Audio Conferencing Service – A ShoreTel service to enable virtual meetings of        people in different locations using communication tools to speak with each other.

ShoreTel Conferencing – A Web, Audio or IM virtual meeting. Users require access codes to access the conference. A ShoreTel Conference can be associated to a Microsoft Outlook       meeting.

ShoreTel Web Conferencing Service – A ShoreTel service to enable online gatherings of people to present or exchange information using application and/or desktop sharing, or another type of Web tool for presentation sharing.

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